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We are an offshore software development company based in Bucharest, Romania, providing IT outsourcing to firms worldwide. The company was founded in 1995 and since then it has grown continuously.

Our mission is to provide high quality software development within strict time constraints at the most attractive rates. This will become the basis of a long-term co-operation with you.

Our services cover many areas of software development, such as Database Systems, Custom Programming, Web and E-commerce. We also provide contract programmers/developers skilled in the latest programming language tools and platforms. View a detailed list of our skills.

We have an excellent track record of completing outsourced projects in budget, on time and to specification. Our best references are our customers. Check out a selection of the projects we have handled.

Since 1996 the company has been participating in collaborative Research & Technological Development (RTD) through European Framework Programme and other pan-European initiatives.

Our people are highly trained. We use the best software professionals in order to meet our client requirements. The city of Bucharest provides us with rich resources in development talent, augmented by low local costs.